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This Is Not a Test Community Challenge 2017/2018 Results

We are excited to announce the top three winners of our first community challenge. Before that, a brief apology for the delay in announcing the winners. World’s End is a part-time dream and real life got in the way for a bit, but things are now evening out and we hope to get a more regular schedule of releases.  Your patience was and is greatly appreciated. 

A quick thank you also to our panel of jurists, who put a lot of volunteer time into reviewing the entries:   Evan Siefring, Kirk Rowe, Ian Layton, JD Dibrell, Chris Layfield, and Harry Crossley.  You guys are certified wasteland legends.

Now on to the winners.  Choosing the winning entry was challenge itself.  We had dozens of entries of all stripes.  Single scenarios to full-on mini campaigns. We had monster hunts, base defense missions, resource gathering, and lots, and I mean lots more.  If nothing else, our contest showed how creative and imaginative the TNT fan community is.  You are all brilliant and a wonderfully unhinged lot!

With so much variety, we had to narrow down our criteria.  We looked at things that were playable, well thought out and most of all fun.  Secondary conditions we considered were balance, cost to run, and novelty.  All these conditions were weighed in different amounts and some hard choices had to be made.  But over time certain scenarios kept coming to the top and after a lot of back and forth between the judges, the winners presented themselves. 

First Place - Radroach Roundup by Zane Everett

This unusual scenario pits warbands in a crazy struggle to wrangle up as many mutant roaches as they can.  Out to have a bit of fun, and to blow of some steam, the warbands have agreed to help corral a settlement’s mutant food supply into their enclosures.  Compounding the challenge is that the warbands can attack each other, but they have to take a gentle touch in getting the ornery critters where they need to go.  This scenario was a favorite of many jurists and a lock for top honors.  Bonus, it gives us all a reason to buy a giant bag of plastic cockroaches. Time to cowboy up!

Second Place - The Preacher by Andrew Common

A staple of the post-apocalypse is the classic treasure hunt combined with the TNT favorite rad zombie.  In this scenario, the warbands race to the remains of a massacre at an old church.  Finding the place swarming with zombies, the warbands must survive the irradiated undead to loot the corpse of the fallen preacher, with rumors of a hidden relic stashed away with the dead clergyman’s holy book. A classic game of keeping the eye on the prize and easily inserted into any ongoing campaign.

Third Place - Wasteland Bases by Jeffrey Snoddy and TNT Tribal Campaign by Benjamin Hegtvedt

This was a tough one to call and in fact I found it too tough to call.  Your humble author loved both submissions so much, I decided to award third place to both. 

Wasteland Bases was one of the favorite submissions of your humble author and features not one, but five separate scenarios where your warband must find a base, build it up, and defend it; all the while attacking enemy bases. With plenty of options for customization and rules for resource gathering, this fun campaign brings a near real-time strategy game feel to the TNT wasteland.

The TNT Tribal Campaign is a deceptively simple name for a clever idea of a warband specific set of scenarios for wasteland tribals, either played with a tribal warband or featuring the tribals as recurring foils for the warbands.  Another winner with an Old West vibe, in this campaign your warband delves deep in tribal culture by appeasing the wasteland spirits through sacred rights, protecting refugees during a forced migration, and even stopping evil sacrifices. 

Over the coming days, I will be in contact with the winners in regards to their prizes. Since there were so many great scenarios that were excellent, but did not qualify for top honors, I will be providing all contestants who submitted a scenario a free copy of the scenario booklet when it is available. Consider it a thank you for your hard work.  I will also be in contact with several submitters whose while there scenarios did not take top honors, I would love to include them in the scenario book or other future supplement.

Well that’s enough for now.  Thanks again everyone and I hope to make such contests a recurring event. 

For details regarding the contest, including rules and prizes, please visit:


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