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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Errata

FishFAQ Version 1.4 (Last Updated Nov 3, 2015)

Despite our best efforts mistakes make into print or sometimes a particular rule situation will not be immediately clear or two rules will be in conflict.  During actual games players are encourage to resolve such differences amicably or if not possible with a simple dice off to see which interpretation will be used. This document is intended as an “official” answer to such questions, but players are actively encouraged to play with whatever works best for their games.   If you have any vexing questions please send them to so they can be added to this document.


Game Play


Q: Can models begin the game (ie, deploy) prone?

A:  Yes.

Ranged Combat

Q: If a model is hit by a ranged attack, but subsequently charged and killed by a melee attack before the ranged damage is resolved, what happens to the shot(s) fired? Are they allocated to the melee attacker?

A: While admitted this is a weird situation, the shots were taken before the attacker engaged the original target is close combat, so if the target is killed before the shots are resolved, they are simply discounted with no further effect.

Q: What happens to a model which is currently in close combat/base contact, which fails a Grazed test for being shot at? Does it follow the normal grazed rules to move toward cover and go prone / go prone on the spot, and if it moves away does it need to make a test to escape combat?

A: It would follow the normal rules for Grazed tests. The “oh crap” factor of being shot at causes them to momentarily forget about their opponent. So they would dive for cover, hence leaving combat, or go prone in base to base with their opponent as appropriate. If a model is forced to leave combat, they are never allowed to test for doing so as they are not spending their own AP. Instead they simply leave and their opponents get to make a free attack.

Q: Can models wield a one-handed firearm in each hand, and fire once with both, John Woo style, for 2AP?

A:  A model can hold pistols in each hand, perhaps using one as a backup in case of jamming, but still may only make one ranged attack per turn.   In the future, there will be skills that allow duel wielding.


Q: Morale: If a model fails a morale test, do they have to test to ‘rally’ in their next activation, or do they return to normal without further consequences?

A:  Unless specifically stated in the rules, status effects go away at the end of the turn during the Clean-Up Phase. So they return to normal without further consequences.

Special Rules


Q: Can a model with the Obese physical detriment (can only take one Move action) still utilize the Quick Charge skill?

A: Yes, while generally Quick Charge could be interpreted to prevent extra movements, its intention is only to prevent the model from moving twice in a row by spending AP. Free sources of movement, such as with Quick Charge or the Levitation psychic power, are situational and/or entail some risk and thus are acceptable.   As a caveat, even if it does get to move twice, the model does not get to benefit from the -1 penalty that double moving models otherwise received.

Q:   Does the +6″ to maximum range Range Finder also apply to thrown weapons/grenades, or only ranged weapons?

A: Range Finder allows a model to judge distances better, hence increasing the effective range of certain weapons, but it does have a strength component. Hence it works only on ranged weapons and has no effect on grenades or thrown weapons (small blades, spears, improvised weapons, etc.).

Q:  Does the skill Maintainer only affect a single weapon, or all weapons carried by the model?

A:  The rule says any weapon, so that would include all weapons carried by the model.

Q: Does the Bully skill apply when defending in melee, or only when attacking?

A:  Both attacking and defending, the only requirement is the model win combat.

Q: How does Gunsmith work exactly? Does ONE model in the warband ignore their first Jam, or does EVERY model in the warband ignore their first?

A: Gunsmith only applies to the very first Jam result for the warband, it is not a rolling ability to applies to multiple warband members. Note, that should multiple warband members have this ability; it will apply to secondary, tertiary, etc., Jam results. For example, say Model A rolls the first jam of the game for his warband, as long as a warband member has Gunsmith, this Jam result is ignored the skill is considered used up. Should a second Jam be rolled and a separate model also has Gunsmith, the second jam is discounted too, etc. and that model’s Jam skill is used up, etc.


Q: Is a mutant required to take a hidden or physical mutation?

A: Yes, mutants are required to take hidden or physical mutation as this has already been factored into their costs.

Q: Can a mutant take a detriment in place of their hidden or physical mutation?

A: No, while mutants can purchase detriments to reduce their overall cost, this does not override the requirement to take a hidden or physical mutation.

Q: Can mutants choose their mutations?

A: Mutants many only ever choose physical mutations.   Hidden mutations are always determined randomly by rolling on the Defensive or Offensive Mutations tables found in the mutations chapter.

Q: Models with physical mutations are unable to wear certain types of armor. Are physical detriments also classed as physical mutations?

A: Yes, they count as physical mutations.  However, if playing in a campaign players may wish to allow mutants with physical mutations to take the restricted armor on a case by case basis.  For instance, a humanoid mutant with no legs would still be able to take chest armor.   While not legal under “tournament” conditions, it does open some cool modeling potential, which is totally in the spirit of the game.

Q: Can models with physical mutations still wield shields?

A: Yes, physical mutations only restrict the use of combat armor, riot armor, stealth armor, and power armor.

Q:  A model with the Big mutation “counts as having the Large general ability.” Do they therefore gain a further wound, on top of the one already gained from Big?

A: No, they do not, but admittedly this is a little confusing. The Big mutation and the Large ability are essentially the same and do not stack. They are titled different since one is a mutation, which only applies to mutants, and Large could apply to any model. The intent of the rule is to allow bigger mutants to be fielded and truly represent their toughness by giving them an extra wound. So when you buy Big, you get an extra wound, but also benefit from all the things listed in the Large ability (close combat bonus and resistance to involuntary movement).

Q: How does gaining wounds via mutations interact with the stat increases per level chart on page 148 (i.e., does this mean that a rank and file mutant is not allowed to take the big mutation because rank and file models are not allowed to have wound increases? or does it mean that the stat limits are applied after mutations have been taken into consideration?)

A: Afterwards. It is the intent of the Big Mutation to be a physical mutation as it allows “bigger” models to be fielded at the start of warband creation.

Q: If a model has both Energy Absorption and Blob Form, are they or are they not affected by Flammable attacks?

A: They can be affected by Flammable weapons, but both abilities would be applied. If hit by a weapon with the Flammable ability, the model would get a +2 Defense benefit from Energy Absorption, but would still lose the +2 Defense bonus from Blob Form, and would still take the two dice penalty on making the Agility check to avoid the secondary wound.

Q:  If a model with Blob Form/Long Arms wields a melee weapon with a range (spear, etc.), is their melee range increased by 1″?

A:  These abilities should stack. So the Melee Range for a blob model armed with a spear would be 2 inches. A blob with long arms with a spear would have a Melee Range of 3 inches.

Q: Although it only says that a burrowing model cannot be TARGETED by ranged weapons, special abilities or melee attacks, is it safe to assume they also cannot USE ranged weapons, special abilities or melee attacks?

A:  Yes, burrowing models cannot use special abilities or make combat attacks until they emerge.

Q: The Multi-Limbed mutation reads, “This model has a grasping appendage which allows it to wield an additional melee weapon…” is merely flavor-text, correct? Or can a model wield an additional melee weapon AND gain the extra attack from Flurry of Blows?

A:  Correct, it is flavor-text. The Multi-Limb mutation had the potential to become a complex rule that required a lot of context and exceptions. To simply the process, it was imagined that the mutant would pick a fighting style that would enhance its natural proclivities (ranged or melee). So the model gains the benefit of the skill listed, but beyond that the mutation provides no extra benefit. For instance it would not receive +2 Melee bonus from wielding three melee weapons.

General Abilities

Q: Can robots that gain the integral general ability for free take multiple integral weapons, or is only one weapon considered integral?

A: Integral is assigned to a single weapon. So robot could have an integral shotgun and still have another free hand or have two integral weapons (one on each arm). Note that a model may only have two integral weapons (see errata).

The Armory

Carrying Capacity

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of normal gear a warrior can carry? Can a standard rank and file have loads of weapons, armor and upgrades?

A: By the rules, a model could carry any number of items, but they are limited to what they can use at one time by Carrying Capacity. Note that by making a model a pack mule, a player runs the risk of losing all that equipment if the model is killed or robbed.

Looting Items

Q:  This rule is a little vague. I assume it costs 1AP to loot an item from an out-of-action model. Is this correct? Can armor be looted?

A:  The rule is vague on purpose. Looting is another rule that could become increasingly convoluted with all kinds of situationally dependent exceptions.   For an official answer, I would say looting armor would not be feasible given the actual short time span most games actually take; an hour for us players is really only minutes for our models. Fair game would be any item carried in the out-of-action model’s hands or not strapped to them. This is also one of those areas that could break a fun campaign, so players are free to arbitrate among themselves.

Melee Weapons

Q: Does a model gain a +2 Melee bonus for wielding a Balanced 1-handed melee weapon and non-Balanced 1-handed melee weapon, or must both weapons be Balanced?

A: Yes, the bonus applies as long as the model is armed with one weapon that has the Balanced ability, so gaining a +1 from having a balanced weapon and a further +1 for being armed with two one-handed melee weapons. Note that having two balanced weapon has no additional effect.

Q: If you have two one-handed melee weapons with different damage values, which is used when you roll to wound?

A: Player’s choice, though this must be announced prior to rolling to wound.   This decision can be changed between attacks.

Ranged Weapons

Q: Can the Large Caliber Upgrade be applied to Bows/Crossbows/Grenades/Thrown Melee Weapons?

A:  Yes, although the actual mechanism that those weapons are upgraded may be something other than changing calibers, i.e. explosive tips or extra-sharp edges.

Q: Does switching between ammo types cost AP, or is it a free action for the grenade launcher?

A: Grenade types may be switched freely between activations. However, should a grenade launcher ever gain the burst ability, this type cannot be switched during the same activation.

Q: If a model is carrying a weapon in each hand, are they required to spend 1AP to stow a weapon and draw a grenade before throwing? Are they then assumed to retrieve another grenade after throwing, or must they spend further AP to draw another?

A: Grenades do not count for Carrying Capacity purposes, they are assumed to be hanging off the model ready for easy use. Further, a model is assumed to be able to palm one of their weapons for a quick throw, so AP is never spent to retrieve a grenade.

Q:  When buying the grenade launcher, do you need to buy grenades to use with it?

A:  No, the grenade launcher comes with it’s own ammo as it has the Limited Ammo rule.   Note this ammo is unique to the grenade launcher so you cannot throw it like normal grenades.

Q:  What happens when models in melee are hit by weapon that uses a template; specifically, what if some models are covered and others are not?

A:  Melees are assumed to be a swirling affairs and combatants are essentially sharing the same space as it were.   If one or more models in a melee is hit by a weapon using a template, all other models in the melee count as if they are underneath the template as well.

Q:  What happens when I model is rendered unconscious by a weapon with the Knock Out ability and they are subsequently charged in combat?

A:  They are hit automatically.

Q:  Is there an upper limit to the Strength of a Bow or Crossbow.

A:  Yes, those noted stated explicitly in the rules, there is only so much torsion a bow/crossbow can reasonably translate into a shot.  The maximum Strength of both of these weapons is generally 7.  If Large Caliber is taken this is raised to 8.


Q: Can a model wield two shields, gaining the armor bonus from both?

A: No, a model may only carry one shield at a time. See errata.

Q: If a model’s Wounds stat increases via experience (or other means), is the cost of any current armor they possess recalculated for the purposes of total warband cost? ie, Bobby Mutant has 1 Wound and wears Combat armor (15BS). He gains a Wound after a few battles. Does his Combat Armor now ‘cost’ 20BS?

A: Yes, on all accounts. In game terms that armor is more valuable as the model it protects is more valuable. So the model’s total cost would go up by the difference. For fluff purposes, gaining a wound showcases the model becoming a bit of reputation and prowess, so clearly they are not going to be satisfied with their old inferior armor.


Q: Does Berserker Brew need to be re-purchased after each game, or is it a ‘lifetime supply’ for 3 BS?

A: Neither.  Each purchase gives the model exactly D6 games worth of use.  After these are gone, the item must be repurchased if the model wishes to keep using it. Note the same applies to Fischer Glow-B- Gone, Liquid Bravery and the Poison Vial.

Q: Can robots or animals take the liquid bravery or berserker brew items?

A: Yes, to both, though you could imagine that they are using versions specific to them. For animals, perhaps their handlers drugged them prior to the battle and concoction just kicked in. For robots, it could be a variable subroutine that has the same effect.

Q: If a model comes with the berserker brew item on its profile when it is purchased, does it come with a lifetime supply or does it only come with the standard d6 games worth?

A:  A lifetime supply since the model is required to use a dose each game.

Q: Has does the War Banner work? Models within 6″ gain the Bold skill. Models within 12″ of a model with the Bold skill gain +1 to Will tests. (Bob is within 6″ of a War Banner. Jim is within 12″ of Bob. Both gain +1 to their Will tests.) Is this how it is meant to be, or is a War Banner merely meant to give friendly models within 6″ +1 to their Will tests?

A: The entry is incorrect. A model with a War Banner counts as having the bold skill.

Q: Under the Poison Vial entry it lists the light weapon, does that mean any club or similar weapon may be poisoned.

A: Yes, as long as the weapon portrayed is using the “light weapon” rules.

Q: The net “Ignores all ranged combat modifiers…” Does this mean a model cannot Concentrate before throwing a net?

A: No, the net ignores all ranged modifiers, except for Concentrate. See errata.


Q: If using a reroll on a Laser attack, are 2D10 rerolled, or only one?

A: Only one.

Q: Shock Shield: When using its special melee attack, is the +2 bonus that is mentioned applied to the bearer’s Strength, or Melee stat?

A: Strength.

Q: How does the Auto-Injector and the Gung Ho skill interact? Are they mutually-exclusive?

A: Mutually exclusive to ensure game balance, as combined they would be a rather potent combination for a relatively cheap BS cost.

Warband Rosters


Q: Some Preservers can take ‘bonus’ relics, which “do not count towards the warband’s relic limit.” Do the ‘bonus’ Relics still count towards the number of relics the warband may take into battle, or the amount of relics one model may carry?

A: No, they do not count against the total amount the warband can take in battle; they are essentially free relic slots available to those models.  However, these models are still limited to a maximum of two relics each.

Q:  In campaigns, if, outside of my initial warband creation, I purchase a reclaimer, can I give him power armour off the bat or do I have to find it as per normal relic finding rules?

A:  You would buy it normally.   Reclaimers have the ability for their power armor to not count against the warband’s total number of relics, but this does not give them any extra ability to gain said armor after starting.  The would have to gain the relics through Rarity Roll, etc.

Q: The Heal-o-Matic states the following:  “Maximum of one if warband is led by the Lord Reclaimer”.  Does this mean I need to take a Lord Reclaimer to gain access to a maximum of one if I take a Lorekeeper for a leader, can I take 1 or more Heal-o-Matics?

A:  No and yes.   If you take a Lorekeeper the Heal-o-Matic is a normal special choice and you may take as many as you want within the normal warband limits.  If you leader is a Lord Reclaimer you may only ever take one.  Reclaimer warbands just don’t have access to robots that the more esoteric Lorekeeper does.


Q:  Does a sacrificial lamb count towards casualties for Morale tests if you blow it up yourself?

A:  No, as long as they were detonated on purpose.  If they were killed by an enemy attack or due to failing a Morale test, then yes.

Q: Does the Man’s Best Friend Mettle bonus of the K-9 Handler rule stack with the bonus from the Motivator skill?

A: No, it does not.  Furthermore, it does not stack with itself if you happen to have multiple K-9 Handlers.  Generally, since Mettle is an important stat, abilities that raise it are strictly limited to preserve game balance.

Into the Wastes


Q:  If a model fumbles a Morale test and is removed from play, should this award a VP to the opponent in scenarios where wounding an enemy grants a VP   (or 2vp for their leader) since after the game they are by all accounts a casualty?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Wasteland Encounters: If a warband’s model is wounded by a random encounter creature, should the opposing player get a VP for causing the wound if they are  controlling the creatures that turn?

A:  No, since the critter is not part of the player’s warband.  This is fair as it applies to both players.

Pest Control

Q: How close must a model be to a Zombie Nest in order to destroy it? Base-to-base contact? Can a model attempt to destroy it whilst engaged in melee combat with enemies?

A: Yes, the model must be in base contact with the nest to make the Strength test.  And, yes, a model that is in base contact with an enemy model is not required to attack that model, they are free to attempt to destroy the nest or take another action.

The Caravan

Q: Does anyone from the defending warband earn experience points when a Caravanner, which is provided for free by the scenario, takes a Cargo Animal off the table?

A: Yes, it should be assumed the closest friendly model of the defending warband, who is no more than 12 inches away, when this event occurs can gain the experience.  Treat as if they are directing the caravanner off the table and would learn something from the experience.

Q:  If all of the escorting warbands models have been killed/routed, but some of the ‘free’ caravanner human models are still on the table, should the game continue on until they are casualties?

A:  Technically, the remaining caravaners are acting as part of the other warband, so technically yes, the other player may continue to push on.  However, given the unlikehood of their success, you may just as well call it.

Q:  For calculating numbers for rout should the cargo animals and caravanners add to the escorting warband size? 

A:  To keep things simple, I would say no in this instance.

Q:  If all of the escorting warband models and caravanners have been removed from play, but some cattle remain on the board, should the game end and the raiders can claim VP/EXP  for capturing the remaining cargo animals. 

A:  Yes, for determining VP for any remaining cargo animals as the other player cannot contest them.  EXP is a little dicier, but if a player has a model within 12 inches of an uncontested cargo animal at the end of the game, and the opponent has no other models on the board, I would allow them to gain experience as if the were in control of the animals, but not as if they removed it from the table successfully.

Snipe Hunt

Q:  If the game ends early because one warband has been slain or bottled, does the opposing warband get to claim all of the remaining search points VP automatically? If so, how to work out who to assign the EXP?

A:  Yes, on the VP; however, I think determining EXP, since stat tests involved, would be too convoluted and would just not allow it.  However, f both players agree I would allow the closest model at the end of the game to the ruin to make the test and see if they are successful.  You would make only one such test for reach ruin.


Q:  If a “rank and file” was advanced up a level to a specialist due to gaining a promotion, do I have to recruit another two 2 models to place it in the warband?

A:  Yes and no.  Before you can add further models to the warband you will have to address the imbalance of having an extra specialist in your warband.  You can do this by either letting another specialist sit at home during a game or buying additional rank and files.  However, as long as you address the imbalance in a reasonable amount of games, and do not add further models, you may play with the extra specialist for a little while.  While “imbalanced” if would be unfair to the player if they got lucky and has a couple of promotions early in the campaign or at one time, so this gives them time to raise the BS to fix the issue.

Creatures of the Wastes

Q:  Under the Mutant Horror entry, what is the Spastic Muscles mutation?

A:  This was a mutation that was left out of the book and will be in a future supplement.  Until then, the rule is included here for exclusive use of the Mutant Horror:

Spastic Muscles – The model’s musculature is extremely taught, enabling their limbs to move extremely fast. The model receives a +1 bonus to Agility tests and receives a +1 bonus to Strength when making close combat attacks.


Q: If an item/skill states “All friendly models within…” does this include the model who possesses the item/skill?

A:  No. However, players are free to come up with exceptions to this. For instance, the War Banner would probably work on the model carrying it. In the future, there may be official exceptions to this rule.

Q:  If I am playing a warband with a lesser Total Warband Cost, can I choose to not use models to lower warband’s cost.

A:  Yes, and not only in this instance.  Total Warband Cost only refers to models that are actively participating in games.  It is a value used to determine relative strength during games for balance purposes. So by leaving certain models out, they can indeed lower their Total Warband Cost.  Note that if running a campaign where Total Warband Cost is used to determine the winner, players may wish to maintain the actual true value of all their models.  Further, while players can choose to leave models off for a game, they still must pay upkeep on them.  Finally, players should be cognizant of not artificially keeping the Total Warband Cost low buy leaving a slew of models out and then selective choosing models that may have a greater impact against a specific opponent.

Game Play


Page 3 The entry for Multiple Players should be changed from page “21” to “20”. Reason: Correction.

Special Rules


Page 38 Under the Big entry located under Physical Mutations remove the phrase, “gains an additional wound.” Reason: Rules duplication.

Page 40  Replace the sentence “Psychic powers can also target any model in range, not just those in light of sight, as the psychic can sense their prey”.  with “Psychics can sense the presence of nearby prey, so when making psychic attacks they do not need line of sight as long as the target is 16 inches or less away.” Reason:  Rules simplification.

Page 43: Under the Integral entry, modify the phrase “…they should receive a penalty of same type.” To “…they should receive a penalty of some type.” Reason: Correction.

Page 43: Add the following to the Integral entry: A robot may only have two integral weapons.”

The Armory

Melee Weapon Types

Page 48:  Add musket to the list of weapons that a bayonet may be fixed to.  Reason:  Correction.


Page 54: Under the last hyphenated entry under Using Grenades, remove the following entry in its entirety: “Note that if the thrower did not have line of sight to their target, the template will deviate 2D6″ instead.”   Reason: Rules simplification.


Page 55: Add the following to the Shield weapon rule entry, “A model may only ever use one shield at a time.” Reason: Rules simplification.


Page 58: Under the War Banner entry replace “Friendly models within 6” of a war banner count as having the Bold skill”, with “A model equipped with a War Banner counts as having the Bold skill.” Reason: Correction.

Page 58: Under the Poison Vial entry replace “long blade” with “light weapon.” Reason: Correction.

Page 58: Under the Net entry replace “…that ignores all ranged combat modifiers” with “…that ignores all ranged combat modifiers with the exception of the Concentrate bonus (if used).” Reason: Clarification.


Page 60:  Under the Laser Pistol entry on the Relic Ranged Weapons table remove the phrase “One-handed.”  Reason:  Correction.

Warband Rosters


Page 85:  Under the Maniac entry the Barter Cost should read 27 and not 80.  Reason:  Correction.


Page 89: Under the Preserver Warband Purchase Table, Reclaimer Entry, replace “Field Strip, extra laser or plasma relic” with “Field Strip, extra power armor.” Reason: Correction.

Page 90:  Under the Wreck-It-Bot the correct Ranged stat is 3 not 6.  Reason:  Correction.


Page 101: Under the Peacekeeper Warband Purchase Table, Tactical entry, replace “Brave and Up-Armed” with “Steady Hands and Up-Armed.” Reason: Correction.

Into the Wastes


Pest Control

Page 117: Under Zombie Nests modify “In order to do so, a model must spend 1 AP and pass…” to “In order to do so, a model must be in base contact with the nest, spend 1 AP, and pass…”   Reason: Correction.

The Caravan

Page 119 Under Attackers and Defenders modify “The attackers may choose of the” to “The attackers may choose one of the…” Reason: Correction.

Page 119 Under Moving the Cargo modify “The cargo animals are heavily drugged and will not taking any…” to “The cargo animals are heavily drugged and will not take any…” Reason: Correction.

Page 136 Under the Mutant Horror Entry replace the Ranged stat of 0 with 3.  Reason:  Correction.

Mutant Cannibals Supplement

Page 7  Under the Youngin character entry, the Ranged stat should be 4 instead of 5.  Reason:  Correction.

Page 13 Under the Slaughter Blade entry for the the Melee Weapons table, the correct 1H/2H is 1H, not N/A.  Reason:  Correction.