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TNT 2.0 Playtesting Starts With You!


Greetings everyone.  Exciting things have been happening behind the scenes.  I have just finished up a good half of the new TNT 2.0 and we are ready to begin intense playtesting.  This is where I need help. I am looking for a small, but dedicated corps of playtesters willing to help me make the best game possible. 

How can you help, you ask?

Rules Reviewers – Even if you can’t play games, I need people familiar with the rules of the old TNT and the overall point values and game style/feel to evaluate my new content.  Give me a feel about playability.   Do the new warband options and wasteland weirdos feel balanced?  This can also include editing and proofreading. 

Rubber Meets the Road Playtesting – This is the most vital part of the process.  I really need people to build warbands and throw up against each other and provide feedback.  This includes all the efforts under rules reviewing, but vitally actually finding out if my stuff works!

I need both types and folks are welcome if they can do a little or a lot.  People who volunteer will get a playtest packet next week.   Alpha playtesting will conclude at the end of October.  I will then move into the next round.

Everyone who provides feedback of a certain amount will get a free digital copy of the rules and an acknowledgement in said rules.  Those who go above and beyond will get a free physical copy at my expense, as well as the digital copy and acknowledgement.

If you are interested, please drop me a line at  Give me a few details about which type of playtesting you can do, your overall experience with the game, and any questions you may have.  Again, I need all types of playtesting so please don’t be discouraged if you can’t play any in-person games. Note that most of the playtest discussion will happen in a special Facebook group, so Facebook access is a plus.  If there is enough interest I can also set up a special Discord channel for playtesting.

Thank you very much.

Joseph McGuire

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