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Check Out My Addition to the World of Frostgrave

Greetings wastelander.  I am extremely happy and proud to let everyone know about a little piece of writing I did for the fine folks at Osprey Wargames.  I have a scenario in the new Frostgrave compendium called The Wizard’s Conclave, which is a collection of scenarios from some of the greatest names and talent in the industry.  (I snuck in there too, but let’s keep that between us.)  The scenario is called Escape from the Tower of Sargosh and I’m rather proud of it.  Players of This Is Not a Test know I have a thing for challenging players and their warbands to enter dangerous ruins risking life and limb for ancient technology that was better off forgotten.  This scenario is full of shifting planes of magic, a heat-pounding escape from a wizard’s tower, and just a touch of necromancy.  So in short, if you like This Is Not a Test, you should check out The Wizard’s Conclave at this link

Did you like the scenario and are checking out the author (me!)? Welcome to the world of This is Not a Test (TNT).  Download the Demo Rules here or go all in with the Hardcover or PDF rule books. Be sure to check out our extensive line of supplements  and fight zombies, mutants and giant crabs.

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