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Adepticon 2018 Highlights

Adepticon Convention Updates

Adepticon 2018 is finally behind your humble author and what a wild ride it was. For those not in the know, Adepticon is one of the bigger miniatures conventions on the US circuit. While it lacks the size of a giant con like Gen Con or Origins, it makes up for it by being a total miniature lover’s paradise. Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight Games, Reaper, etc., all have a major presence here and it is the final stop in the Crystal Brush painting competition. Gaming here is literally serious business.

World’s End Publishing has attended Adepticon in some form since 2016. This year we doubled our space, having our own 10x10 booth, instead of sharing with our friends from Fallout Hobbies. Sadly, our usual rowdy crew of malcontents were unable to attend, so it was your humble author and Mrs. Humble Author to hold down the fort. For four days we stood on our feet and preached the fun that is This Is Not a Test to the gaming masses. We are of course exhausted.

New Releases

Each year we try to bring something new and this year was no exception. We had a ton of new releases.

Mutant Cannibals


“Serving Up Trouble” Mutant Cannibal Booster Pack


Downwinder Mutant Warband



Specials thanks to Mike Cousins and his team of painters who were able to get a sample set painted up in time for display on Saturday.

Adepticon 2018 Special Edition Miniature

All of these lovely models will be in the web shop very soon.

Radiation Road Kickstarter

Often hinted at and shrouded in mystery is our next Kickstarter. Radiation Road brings three new vehicles to the wasteland: the RMC Road Warden, the MP Industries Aggressor, and the RMC Atomic 3000. Each car comes with full armor options, which we are quite proud of. These were all on display for everyone to see. Picture courtesy of Beasts of War. More news to follow soon.

Author Adventures

Besides talking about TNT all day, your humble author managed to have some fun. First some pics:

Duncan of Games Workshop and me


Dave Taylor, Ash Barker of Guerilla Miniatures Games, and me


Matthew Glanfield of Miniwargaming and me

My haul of new toys from Death Ray Designs and Osprey Publishing. Thanks gents!

Podcasts and Interviews

Adepticon would not be complete without a media blitz. First, I did a podcast with the fine folks over at Shield Wall. I did their podcast last year and enjoyed it so much, I had to do it again. We talked about of TNT, our upcoming releases, a top-secret warband project, and the one IP I would love to make a game for.

Beasts of War also stopped by and did a quick interview. We talked about the exciting new releases and they took pictures of everything. Dawn and crew are always a professional act and it’s was fun to watch them skip and jump across the hall filming throughout the convention.


While a rare treat, I got to hang out with Austin Thompson and the crew of Death Ray Designs for some Gaslands and TNT fun; the latter on their amazing Black Site Armageddon terrain.  Special thanks to Joe Borawski for being such a TNT booster and making it all happen.


So that’s it. I talked to a lot of folks and had a great time. Bonus points to Mike Crutchett for showing me his amazing cannibal warband and Matthew Stanley for being an amazing human being by helping up haul our displays back home.

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  • Lorne on

    Any plans for including rules for mounts/riding beasts? Mad Robot has recently released some modular cavalry stuff which is going to make seriously badass post apocalyptic horsemen!

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