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This Is Not a Test Community Challenge 2017


Ever wanted to see your name in print? Have an idea to make the wasteland a little more dangerous? Want to write for This Is Not a Test? 

If any of that sounds fun, then welcome to the first annual TNT Community Challenge 2017! 

Good scenarios are the lifeblood of a tabletop wargame and we want to dramatically increase the amount of them. We also want to tap into the excitement and creativity of our community, by asking you to help us create a scenario book for This Is Not a Test.  

While your humble author works tirelessly to produce future supplements, there is only so much time in the day. That’s where you come in. By writing a fun scenario and submitting in-line with the contest rules, you will not have a positive net effect on the world of This Is Not a Test and you only become eligible for some cool prizes. It’s like winning twice. 

So, what do you have to do? 

  1. Write your scenario. This should follow the same format as the ones in the official books and supplements. Make it fun and dangerous. It can be almost anything. A monster hunt? A fight between two raiders and mutants? Is a special relic on the line? You decide. Heck, you can even do a mini-campaign if you are so inspired.
  2. Edit your scenario. Have some friends look it over and make sure it’s ready for prime time.
  3. Submit your scenario to the contest. And you are done.
  4. Not done. Go ahead and submit more. More scenarios mean more chances to win.

Contest Rules: 

  1. Each scenario submitted must be for the This Is Not a Test game published by World’s End Publishing.
  2. Each entry, which may be a single scenario or a mini-campaign (two or more linked scenarios), must be complete and self-contained. If a mini-campaign is submitted, each scenario within will count as a separate contest entry.
  3. Each scenario must follow the format of the scenarios found in the This Is Not a Test rulebook and its supplements. This means it must include a background section, description of how the board is set-up, a mission description, a Victory Points table if victory points are used, deployment description, any special rules, a conclusion method, and any warband rewards. Small variations are permissible, but check with us first to see if they can be workable.
  4. Each scenario should be between 500-1000 words in length.
  5. If a scenario uses any special models, these must either be produced by World’s End Publishing or by another company that has authorized World’s End Publishing use of their miniatures within its rulebooks (see the list at the bottom of this page). No exceptions will be made to this policy.
  6. A person may submit as many scenarios as they like. Each scenario will be judged on its own individual merits. 
  7. All entries must be received by midnight, Eastern, Monday, January 15, 2018.
  8. Email entries to with the title 2017 Scenario Contest. All submissions should be submitted as a text file (txt) or Microsoft Word (doc or docx). Please include your full name, address, phone, and email with each submission. 

Legal Bitz:

  1. By submitting your entry to this contest, you assign copyright of your entry to World’s End Publishing, and agree that World’s End Publishing shall have exclusive rights to use, reproduce, and/or modify your entry as it sees fit, in exchange for the World’s End Publishing acceptance of your entry into this contest. All submitted material is World’s End Publishing’s ownership. You also agree to hold harmless World’s End Publishing against claims by yourself or any third party regarding World’s End Publishing use of your entry.                
  2. By submitting your entry, you will be given attribution as the creator under the name it was submitted under. You may notify us it you wish to remain anonymous or to have attribution under a different name.
  3. All authors previously published by World’s End Publishing are excluded from this contest, but are of course encouraged to submit entries. This exclusion only applies to authors of published materials and does not include editors, playtesters, or other similar contributors.


First Prize 

The best overall scenario will receive each of the following: 

  • $100 credit towards the World’s End Publishing online store
  • A PDF of the scenario book.
  • Brand New Tribal Warband (8 miniatures)

Second Prize 

The runner-up scenario will receive each of the following: 

  • $50 credit towards the World’s End Publishing online store
  • A PDF of the scenario book.
  • Brand New Tribal Warband (8 miniatures)

Third Prize 

Our final winner will receive each of the following: 

  • $25 credit towards the World’s End Publishing online store
  • A PDF of the scenario book.
  • Brand New Tribal Warband (8 miniatures)

Honorable Mention 

Not all scenarios can win top honors, but that does not mean they are not quite good.  We will select many other entries for inclusion in the book.  If chosen this way, the author will receive a free PDF copy of the scenario supplement.  


Authorized miniature companies

Alien Dungeon –

Comfy Chair Games –

Copplestone Castings –

Dreamforge Games –

EM-4 Miniatures –

Hasslefree Miniatures –

Heresy Miniatures –

Mad Robot Miniatures –

Otherworld Miniatures –

Ramshackle Games –

Reaper Miniatures –

The Tekumel Project –

Victoria Miniatures –

Wargames Factory –

Wargames Foundry –

Warlord Games –

Wreck-Age –

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