Welcome to the new website!


Welcome to the new site! Cleaner, faster and easier to navigate.

Two items:

  1. If you purchased a pdf in the past the download links in your order confirmation email will stop working. If the link does not work and you need a new copy of the pdf email joey@worldsendpublishing.com.
  2. Something look wrong or missing on the new site? Please let us know at joey@worldsendpublishing.com.

Thank you for your patience as we transition to this brave new world.

Enjoy the Wasteland!

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  • Willmer Martinez on

    Will you be restocking the Peacekeepers Pack 1? Would love to get a pack or 2 of them please let me know.


    Hi I want to buy 2017 gasmask girl, and a couple of depen-o-bots but the postage to uk seems high at $14 for 3 figures? is this an estimated cost?

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