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Dispatches From the Wastes #5


One of the biggest parts of the Wasteland Companion is the three new warbands:

Settlers – Unlike the wasteland survivalists you can play now, the settlers are a bit squishier due to sitting behind their walls for so long. But they make up for that by having more bodies and access to affordable healthcare, religious expertise, and a bit of the unexpected we simply call the Mysterious Stranger. They also have the Replaceable special rule. When a member of the warband dies, there is a chance a straggler following in their wake joins the fight.

Renegade Reclaimers – No longer beholden to the soft words of the greater Preserver Movement, the renegades are Reclaimers who have taken up the righteous mantle of violent reclamation. This is the warband for you if you really love power armor. In fact you have to take power armor for your elites and leader, though scavenged power armor will work in a pinch. As an elite warband, you will be outnumbered most of the time, but don’t worry, renegades can take the Adjudicator or the Repressor. Now you can take your power armor Reclaimer with the plasma caster or the laser Gatling. The Repressor is a close combat specialist. Power armor with punch!

Totem Tribals – An exciting variant warband for tribals, totem tribals revere certain wasteland creatures exclusively. While this is initially limiting in some ways, it gives them additional options as well. The Hungry Wolves can take wastewolves instead of tribal beasts and their berserkers and tribal warriors are renowned for their pack-like mentality and ferocity. The Laughing Crows venerate trickery above all else and many of their models can purchase the Reconnoiter skill. Finally, we have the Diamondbacks. Strong and resilient, perhaps their most distinctive feature is the ability to bring a juvenile landsnapper to battle!

New Specialists – Every warband gains access to an exciting and exclusive new specialist. Raiders get the Fire Bug, who is a religious fanatic obsessed with fire and blowing up their enemies. Peacekeepers get the Bloodhound, who is a bounty hunter specialist. Great for making sure your posse gets paid for bringing in those desperadoes dead or alive. For mutant cannibals we add the Gimp. He’s not great at anything, but he can really take a pounding. Plus, lots more.

That’s it for now. But more to come. Next we’ll spill the beans on some great new options for everyone’s warbands.

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