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About This is Not a Test


This Is Not a Test, or TNT for short, is a skirmish warband game set after the nuclear apocalypse.   Using these rules players choose a faction, such as tribals, raiders, mutants, etc., and fight other warbands, gaining power, equipment, and prestige through each victory and defeat.   Each battle is hard won though as players not only have to deal with their opponents, but also the challenges of the wasteland, through hazards and radioactive monstrosities.

This is Not a Test Features

  • Playtested rules.  Hundreds of games hours have been spent by groups across the country to make sure that TNT has been put through its paces.   The rules have been revised and refined to a metaphorical razor’s edge.  Be assured that TNT is not just a throw away ruleset to gather dust on your wargaming bookshelf.
  • No I go U go.  Letting one player activate his entire warband before you can go is outdated and unrealistic.  Instead TNT uses a dynamic activation system where at any time play can switch between players, allowing for a true anarchic battlefield.
  • Warbands of 5-20 models max.  There is no need to go out and purchase a huge assortment of models.  Chances are you might even have enough models in your collection to get playing immediately.
  • Six factions to choose from.  Raiders, mutants, preservers, peacekeepers, tribals, and caravanners.  All have different options and play a little differently.  There is a warband for every taste.  Plus each faction has a sub-type with different agendas, even friends can be enemies.
  • Plenty of mutations, skills, and abilities.  TNT has over 60 different mutations, skills, and abilities.  Different models types can choose individual skills, which encourages warband diversity.  While there are a lot of skills, most models will have one or none, keeping the game relatively simple and not bogged down in minutia.
  • Plenty weapons and equipment. With more than 60 separate weapons, armor, and equipment there is plenty of options to go around and a great chance you can use any model in your collection, no matter what their armed with.
  • Harness the power of the past.  No wasteland is complete without powerful ancient weapons littered about.  Everything from laser carbines, plasma casters, and the ever popular power armor.  There are over 25 separate relics waiting to vaporize your opponents.
  • Multiple scenarios and full campaign.  TNT has five balanced scenarios to challenge your warbands and more will be released in the future.  Further, a fully detailed campaign system is included to keep track of injuries, income, experience, new skills, and overall reputation.  Watch your warband go from a bunch of softbellies to full wasteland legends.
  • A truly dangerous wasteland.  TNT includes full rules for wasteland hazards such as emberquakes, ripwinds and other natural occurrences that are as dangerous to your warband as your opponent.  Additionally, a bestiary is included with over 30 entries for various wasteland creatures.  Everything from the simple rad zombie to the terrifying landsnapper has been catalogued and presented for your hunting pleasur

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