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Dispatches From the Wastes #4


It’s been a while since I felt it was necessary to do a full dispatch, but I felt this bit of news was important.  It’s been a long time coming; the Wasteland Companion is almost here!

Scheduled for release next Friday, February 23, the companion adds a whole lot of stuff to the game.  More mutations, more warbands, more scenarios, and more craziness.  But what exactly is in there you say? 

The Tri-State Wasteland Detailed

TNT takes place in the blasted ruins of the Tri-State Wasteland and this section explores the people, places, and things which call it home, and in much more detail than the main book.   Now all those little bits of fluff that pop up in the future will make more sense.  Learn about the mutants of Downhome, explore the Devil’s Crotch, and saddle up with the Toll-Keepers.  All this and more will be explained.  

New Special Rules

The biggest expansion by far is all the new rules players can have fun with.  Such as:

Skills Galore – We add two new skills to each skillset.  Plus, we introduce random skill tables for those that like an old school feel of watching your warband grow a bit more chaotically.

Mutations – You asked, we deliver.  You can now roll D10’s to determine your mutations, since we’ve added more hidden mutations.  Adrenal sacs, poison secretion, and defensive musk are just some of the new mutations seen about the wasteland.  Did we mention all mutants now can roll 2D10 and pick either result when determining their mutations!  Omega mutants now get a bit more control when forming up their warbands.  Plus we added a whole bunch of physical mutations.  Do you like your mutants tiny, bulbous, or serpentine?  That’s all in there.  We did not forget psychics either.  An author favorite is Puppet Master.  A rather insidious way to get your opponent’s models to do your dirty work for you. 

Buying Off Penalties – Tired of your model’s stuck being poor or cowardly?  Now you can buy them old general abilities like Softbelly or Rag-Tag instead of taking advancements.

Tweaks – We also taken the time to “fix” some skills and mutations that may have been too powerful or too weak in the original rules.   Psychic Bolt is a good example of this.   It now suffers a strength penalty if the psychic cannot see their target.  Walls will do that to you.

The Armory

A small update to the armory.   We added the Compact rule to SMG’s and machine pistols, allowing them to be burst fire on the move.  We found this really raises the tactical options your warbands can have.  We’ve also added smoke grenades, flares, and tweaked how certain things work. Battle Brew for instance has an added drawback that comes with continued use.   We also introduce scavenged power armor.   Not as fancy as the original, but much cheaper and easier to obtain!

But there’s more to come.  We’ll be back next week with new warbands and specialists!

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