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The Wasteland Companion PDF Rules Supplement
Worlds End Publishing

The Wasteland Companion PDF Rules Supplement

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The Wasteland Companion is an expansion for This Is Not a Test, a 28mm wargame set in a post-apocalyptic United States where warbands fight for survival, power, and greed. This expansion rulebook features:

New Background Material – Further explore the Tri-State Wasteland. Learn all about the locations, history, and factions that call the Tri-State Wasteland home.

New Skills, Mutations, and Special Rules – Two new skills for each skillset, 30+ new mutations, and even random skill tables for that old school feel! There is also a new way to buy off negative traits like Soft-belly and Ragtag.

New Warbands – Two new warbands have arrived; the Settlers and the Renegade Reclaimers. The Settlers are far from the most deadly combatants, but they have numbers and access to healthcare, technical expertise, and the enigmatic Mysterious Stranger. The Renegade Reclaimers are all about the recovery of old world relics no matter the cost. Though always out-numbered, they make up for this buy having more access to more power armor than any other warband.

Warband Variants – The Totem Tribals, a variant of the tribal warband, revere certain wasteland creatures. Players with a tribal totem can take wasteland creatures such as wastewolves or a juvenile Landsnapper into battle and gain access to special skills. Be careful though, this comes at the cost of rejecting technology even more than their tribal kin.

New Specialists – From the explosive Fire Bug for the Raiders to the Peacekeeper Blood Hound, who never lets a bounty go unclaimed, each warband gains new specialist options.

New Wasteland Deck – A whole new deck for your adventuring pleasure. Match wits with the rambling trader, raid a giant ant hill, duel with tribals, and even put on a play worthy of Shakespeare. 

Warband Ranks – Gain new abilities that gives the warband unique skills and options.  Want to add a rule to a model that it could not access before? Want your leader to have a cool mutant pet? Now you can. There are even options for adding more elite models to your warband and increasing the total amount of relics your warband can carry.

Buying Off Penalties – Tired of your models stuck being poor or cowardly?  Now you can buy off general abilities like Softbelly or Rag-Tag instead of taking advancements.

Healing Your Warband – Injuries got you down?  Now you can take your warband to the local saw bones for a bit of a tender care.  Of course, this is not cheap and there’s a chance they could always make things worse.

Two New ScenariosJust ‘Cause uses random mission requirements to allow for quick campaign or club play; while Ashes to Ashes challenges your warband to keep together while battling both the elements and your opponent.

All this and more can be found inside! Author:  Joseph McGuire Artists:  Dario Jelusic, Zack Dolan, Big Bann Studios, Kira Nguyen,Roberto Gatto, Matthew Weaver 103 Pages

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