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The Big Book of Scenarios
The Big Book of Scenarios
The Big Book of Scenarios
Worlds End Publishing

The Big Book of Scenarios

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The Big Book of Scenarios is packed with 20 scenarios written by some of the best fans in the world. Created as part of the This Is Not a Test (TNT) Scenario Community Challenge, these scenarios in this book were deemed the best of the best and are now ready to challenge your warbands.

Featured scenarios include:

Rad Roach Roundup (First Place Winner) – Charged with rounding up a settlement’s food supply, players have their warbands wrangle ornery rad roaches into their enclosures. This is easier said than done as warbands have to be cautious as combat can overexcite the roaches.

The Preacher (Second Place Winner) – This scenario is a treasure hunt with a rad zombie twist. Warbands must survive the irradiated undead to loot the corpse of a fallen preacher. Rumors say there is a powerful relic stashed away with the dead clergyman’s holy book.

Wasteland Bases (Third Place Co-Winner) – Not one, but five separate scenarios where your warband must find a base, build it up, and defend it; all the while attacking enemy bases. With plenty of options for customization and rules for resource gathering, this fun campaign brings a near real-time strategy game feel to the TNT wasteland.

The TNT Tribal Campaign (Third Place Co-Winner) – This thematic campaign is a clever set of five warband specific scenarios featuring wasteland tribals, either played with a tribal warband or featuring the tribals as recurring foils for the warbands. In this campaign your warband delves deep into tribal culture by appeasing the wasteland spirits through sacred rights, protecting refugees during a forced migration, and even stopping ritual sacrifices. 

Eight Other Exciting Scenarios – Great for one-off gaming or easily inserted into an ongoing campaign, these scenarios contain assorted of fun wasteland activities like battling deranged cultists, raiding a underground vault, stalking through bat-haunted ruins, and much, much more!

All this and more can be found inside!

Authors:  Tim Cochrane, Andrew Common, Zane Everett, David Gregoroff, Benjamin Hegtvedt, Andrew R. Martin, Erik Melnichenko, Shawn Moomey, Tim Peaslee, Dmitry Ramos-Berrang, Michael Rowden, Jeffrey Snoddy


53 pages

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