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Kickstart the Wasteland PDF
Worlds End Publishing

Kickstart the Wasteland PDF

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Note - this is a PDF.

 A collection of digital material that was created for our highly Kickstarter campaign, Kickstart the Wasteland is a PDF chock full of awesome goodies.  While our backers got it for a steal, we are now making it available to the public for a modest price. Kickstart the Wasteland features the following:

  • New Scenario (Staking a Claim) - It's rush time to stake your claim in a radioactive hotzone that has gone cold.
  • New Scenario (Worms of the Waste) - Warbands race against time and ravenous rock worms to learn the final fate of a settlement.
  • Remnant Warbands - A new warband where you play the savaged remains of a wasteland coalition. Great for when you can't decide on a warband.  Go ahead and play three!
  • Johnny Atomic - Full rules for the broadcast legend himself.
  • Freelancer Wasteland DJ - A new freelancer to help motivate your warband with rocking tunes.
  • Robot Rampage - Five robots are waiting to join your warband.
  • Monster of the Week - 10 new critters to kill off your warband.  Everything from gargantuan grizzly snakes to mutant plants.
  • Solo Scenario (Rad Zombies Must Die, Again!) - A brand new solo scenario pitting your warband against the deadly Zombie Lord.

Author:  Joseph McGuire

28 pages

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