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Eat, Prey, Live Scenario Pack PDF
Worlds End Publishing

Eat, Prey, Live Scenario Pack PDF

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Eat, Prey, Live is a set of three playable scenarios designed to test the mettle, strength, and survivability of your warband. Each scenario introduces a new wasteland creature or hazard and provides additional depth to the history and (de)evolution of the Tri-State Wasteland. Full-color artwork and dynamic photography by Dave Taylor Miniatures completes this first release from Chris Layfield.

Eat, Prey, Live features the following:

  • New Scenario (Eat) - Your warband will need more than a rod and real to bring these fish home. Look out for giant mutant crabs.
  • New Scenario (Prey) - Mutant turkeys are on the menu, but things may get a little explosive.
  • New Scenario (Live) - This is playing TNT on hard mode!  Can your warband survive fall out from the fallout!

Author:  Chris Layfield

9 pages

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