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New Stuff for Summer/Fall 2019

 Eye-Bot painted by Dave Taylor Miniatures

Greetings wastelands. Been a while since we had a proper update, so here it is.  Admittedly, things have been quiet in the wasteland for a bit now.  Writing the cyberpunk ruleset Reality’s Edge for Osprey has occupied a fair chunk of the last 12 months, but that is done and going to print as we speak.  With that out of the way, I have gotten the TNT engine revved up and things are starting to hop.  So what’s in store you may ask?

Well, for one, our first major supplement:  Absolutely Dangerous – The Big Book of Relics, Robots, and other Deadly Technologies will be ready in July.  Containing the much requested robot warband, this book has robots, new freelancers (robot and human), over 20 new relics, and power armor upgrades.  Yes, you can upgrade your power armor with bad-ass paint jobs, jetpacks, and other silliness.  All for a cost of course.  Also, included are six new scenarios.  So if you like dangerous technology, flying robotic disco balls, and something called the thunderpunch, we have you covered.

The next supplement after that is small one called Broken Vaults.  We take the wasteland underground with rules for playing in abandoned vaults.  This book is not about exploring these vaults, considering they have been mostly plundered, but includes rules for fighting in the tight confines of below-ground shelters and a ton of new wasteland underground hazards, and 10 new wasteland creatures.  Also, included are three new scenarios and a how-to for adapting classic TNT scenarios to the underground.  Bring your torchlight, but it might not do you much good.

After that, I am finally proud to announce the Big Book of Scenarios, the final compilation of the Community Contest which finished up last year.  A bit delayed, but this is one is for the ages.  10 new scenarios, plus two mini-campaigns.  That’s a total of 20 new scenarios.  This is the perfect opportunity to get your friends and family playing TNT again.

Finally, we have Radiation Road, rules for playing TNT with vehicles.  Now this is not a full ruleset on its own, but an alpha playtest of a real, limited set of vehicles.  How limited, well I plan to launch a Kickstarter by the end of Summer for the three vehicles I had sculpted up a while ago.  This is a long time coming, but backers will get these alpha rules for free and can help me tweak the vehicle rules to perfection. 

Beyond supplements, we also have miniatures incoming.  New creatures including a giant ant, fire ant swarms, the infamous turcklucken (mutant turkey), a walking mudcat (fishman), juvenile landsnappers, and even the twin-tailed fox from the cover of the book.  We also have a nice five set of raiders and the full tribal warband and peacekeeper reinforcements (new officers, a new linebreaker, and the heavily armored tactical).  Finally, I also have four new robots, eye bot, the crushinator, the vend-o-bot, and the partybot (the aforementioned flying disco ball). 

So let’s talk timeframes.  Robots drop between July and August and the Big Book of Scenarios in August.  Broken Vaults is planned for September.  Radiation Road slotted somewhere in between with details still being planned out.  All of the miniatures will drop in waves between July and August.

So I hope that gives you all a sense of where things are going.  I have further plans and I am working on a secret new warband with full rules.  They’re mentioned briefly in a certain weapon’s description, but I can’t say anymore.  :)

Thanks for being an amazing fan base and continuing to support my post-apocalyptic dreams.

All the best.

Joey McGuire

World’s End Publisher/Head Janitor

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  • Matthew Fritz on

    I was thinking could you do a map for TNT showing all the different locations.

  • Matthew Fritz on

    I was thinking could you do a map for TNT showing all the different locations.

  • fearnow on

    Welp, I’m excited!

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