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Comments on This is Not a Test


I like the ability to use a variety of gangs / warbands that fit the post-apocalyptic theme of the game.

– Michael S.

 I really did like the game. It flowed pretty well once we all had the rules down and I got a few really good games out of it.

– Mike C.

It’s fast and fun! I like the setting, and the included fluff. I really like the campaign’s post game feature. I love getting loot and improving my warband.

– Josh L.

The way damage stacks and then you roll for it at the very end of the activation step. That increases the tension of each turn and makes players really think about how they want to use their figures.

– Patrick R.

The action order keeps things pretty tense and its strongly supported theme tickles my fancy.

-Rob M.

The game was fast paced and exciting and easy enough to learn that my 10 yr old was able to pick up the mechanics in a few short turns.

– John C.

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