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The Rat Pack
Worlds End Publishing

The Rat Pack

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Mutant Rats are always found in large groups and now you can bulk out your rats nest and save money to boot. This deal contains two Mutant Swarm packs, for a total of 10 Mutant Rats, with a 10% discount included. Rat-tastic!

Package Contents (10 metal miniatures)

  • 2x rat with two tails
  • 2x rat with back spikes
  • 2x rat with two heads
  • 2x rat with six legs
  • 2x matron rat with young
  • 10x 25mm slotted plastic round bases

The Rat Pack Deal is ideal for playing This Is Not a Test and other post-apocalyptic, science fiction, or fantasy wargames. Copyright 2015 World’s End Publishing.

Metal Miniature Ingredients 98% Tin Pewter Alloy: Tin (98%), Bismuth, Silver and Copper - Lead, Cadmium & Antimony FREE

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