Reality's Edge CAT Terminal Digital File (STL)
Reality's Edge CAT Terminal Digital File (STL)
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Reality's Edge CAT Terminal Digital File (STL)

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***Note this is a digital product only. STL for a 3D printer.***

In the Sprawl, the humble and ubiquitous Community Access Terminal (CAT) is the main type of terminal node for the HyperNET, the world-wide data network.  Hardwired via underground fiber optic cables, the CAT Terminal is a network broadcaster, sending tirelessly, throughout the Sprawl, keeping the populace docile by filling them with easily digestible programming that is neither upsetting nor challenging.  For physical protection, the terminal is encased in armored housing, rated to survive up to and including heavy machine gun fire.  For network access it contains key-pad monitor access and hook-ups for nodules for cable neural-links.

This CAT Terminal digital file release contains three variants of the base control unit and two versions of the top lampposts.  The tri-lamps version is intended for standing in the open and the single lamp for being put next to a building or other large terrain. Though intend for 28mm - 32mm wargaming, because it is a digital file, it can be easily scaled up or down. 

The product is designs to represent your CAT Terminals for games of Reality's Edge, but also perfectly as scatter terrain for other science fiction games.

This file includes a personal license to print for personal use only.

Digitally sculpted by Chris Caporal.

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