Raider Robot
Raider Robot
Raider Robot Back View
Raider Robot Side View
Raider Robot Side View
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Raider Robot

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Raider Robots are the collective term for robots that have been salvaged by ruthless raider warbands and put back into surface with unique “improvements.” Festooned with extra baggage, scrap armor, and poorly welded-on spikes and blades, the Raider Robot is also equipped with simple, but dangerous weapons; usually shotguns, pistols, and brutal melee weapons. Raider Robots are often the pride and joy of the warlord and are considered more valuable than his or her human lackeys.

This particular model comes equipped with a gun (generic enough to be any type of gun needed) and a rather nasty axe. The Raider Robot is 30mm to its glowing eyes. Sculpted by Sean Bullough.

Package Contents (1 metal miniature)

  • 1x robot body
  • 1x left arm with integral gun
  • 1x right arm with axe
  • 1x 25mm slotted plastic round base

The 28mm Raider Robot miniature model is ideal for playing This Is Not a Test and other post-apocalyptic, science fiction, or fantasy wargames. Copyright 2017 World’s End Publishing.

Metal Miniature Ingredients: 98% Tin Pewter Alloy: Tin (98%), Bismuth, Silver and Copper - Lead, Cadmium & Antimony FREE

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