Peacekeeper Outrider
Peacekeeper Outrider
Peacekeeper Outrider
Peacekeeper Outrider
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Peacekeeper Outrider

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Outriders operate independently as well-trained scouts and marksmen among the peacekeepers. In battle they often act as snipers, and when not in combat, they will range far and wide ahead of the posse and provide reconnaissance to the warband.

This female Outrider is equipped with a large hunting rifle and comes with two head options. The Outrider is 29mm to her eyes. Sculpted By Ernst Veingart.

Package Contents (1 metal miniature)

  • 1x female outrider body
  • 1x hunting rifle
  • 1x head with hair in ponytail
  • 1x head with campaign hat
  • 1x 25mm slotted plastic round base

The 28mm Peacekeeper Outrider is ideal for playing This Is Not a Test and other post-apocalyptic, science fiction, western, or modern wargames. Copyright 2015 World’s End Publishing.

Metal Miniature Ingredients 98% Tin Pewter Alloy: Tin (98%), Bismuth, Silver and Copper - Lead, Cadmium & Antimony FREE

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