The Factions of TNT

Life in the wasteland is one of survival.  There are many groups struggling out in the wastes and it is a thin line between heroism and villainy.  This Is Not a Test offers a variety of six different warbands to choose from and each plays a little different with their own motivations, strengths, and weakness.  They include the following:

Art-Two-Girls-400x170Caravanners ply their trade between the major settlements and are for players who like solid performance.  Operating under heavy guard and with a penchant for profit, caravanners offer a mix of options.  The Trade Master adds extra income to your warband and the Caravan Guard is a cheap source of accurate heavy weapon fire.  Given their life on the road the caravanners also can field the Runner and the Tracker, which can be used to set up an ambush on your opponent or out maneuver them. For basic troops the caravanners have the Defender, Lugger, and the Caravanner, a solid mix of soldiers that can specialize in ranged or melee attacks.  Finally, the Local Emissary lets the caravanners field an elite option from any other warband, to include mutants; giving your opponent a nice surprise.

Mutants are one of the most diverse warbands and are great for players wanting a ton of options or just something off the wall.  Mutant warbands are led by the Omega Mutant and can choose to either be civilized or outcasts from wasteland society.  Either choice changes your warband choices.  The outcasts can take the heavily afflicted Abomination, while the more orderly warbands gain the wisdom of the Mutant Emissary.  Both styles of warbands can take the basic Mutant, the wild Feral Mutant, and the very large and very dumb Mongo.  Mutants can also field the volatile Psychic Mutant and the Mutant Gunner, for those times when mutations are not enough.

Raiders are for those players who hate rules and simply want to cause as much mayhem as possible.  Led by either the brutal Warlord or the charismatic Bandit King, raiders are far from subtle, but still offer a lot of choices.  Brutes and Raider Champions are elite options with the former being a hard-hitter in melee and the champion a secondary leader who is good all around.  For basics you have the Raider, who is all  decent and the Wrecker, a melee specialist.  Raiders also have access to the Mongrel, a fast slavering beast, and the fiery Broiler, a raider equipped with a flamethrower.  Finally, raiders can take the Mutant Raider for access to mutations and the Scrap-Taker, an up-gunned ranged fighter.

Art-gunsmith-400x277Preservationists are the undisputed masters of lost technology and no warband has as much access to powerful laser and plasma weapons and other relics.  Under the leadership of the militant Lord Reclaimer or the studious Lorekeeper, the preservers have the option of fielding a lethal war party of Reclaimers bent on securing lost technology through heavy armor and firepower or the academic Savant which gives the warband access to robotic technology.  When taking robots, the preservers can take the fearsome Wreck-It-Bot, a heavy industrial bot,  and the Medtron, a medical robot who can patch up injured members of the warband.  The mainstays of the preservationist forces are the Seekers, who are not particularly good at any one thing, and the Excavators, who are expendable melee shock troops.  For back-up, the Arbitrator offers access to heavy weaponry and the Tech-Bearer gives his warband members bonuses when using relic technology.

Tribals generally shun most ancient technology and are viewed as primitive by many in the wastes.  However, they offer a great selection of abilities.  The War Leader and the Tribal Champion act as the core leadership of the warband, but the Great Shaman and the Less Shaman give access to dangerous and unpredictable psychic powers.  The basic Tribal is a solid trooper for any battlefield task, but tribal warbands can also take Tribal Warriors, great melee fighters, and the warbeast, a fighting animal capable of quickly closing with the enemy. For more unusual elements the Berserker is a frothing madman incapable of feeling pain or fear and the Tribal Scout, a second-to-none ranger that also gives the warband more additional income options.  Finally, the Warbringer gives access to heavy weapons and the Tribal Representative is a wily support character who can efficiently access relics and intelligence based skills.

Peacekeepers are the for-profit justice of the wasteland.  Keeping the roads and the settlements safe from raiders and mutants for a price, the warband is led by the indomitable Road Marshall or a villainous Hanging Judge.  The Warden is a capable second-in-command, while the Quarter Master both protects the party from gun jams and provides a small income bonus.  To catch their quarry, peacekeepers field the Outrider who is both an excellent shot and is a master of field craft.   Not to be dismissed easily, the bulk of peacekeeper warbands are the Officers, who are all-around average troops, and the Deputized Settlers, a shaky, but cheap source of manpower.  Depending on the reputation of the warband, peacekeepers can also take the K-9, a loyal canine, or the Sacrificial Lamb, a terrified convict with an explosive personality.    For those specialized situations, the warband can take the Line Breaker, a heavily armored melee fighter, the K-9 Handler, who provides bonuses to their canine buddies, and the Tactical, a heavy weapons officer.

Of course, these are just the start.  Future expansions will feature even more warbands.