Special Abilities

One of the core concepts of This Is Not a Test is the customization of your warband.  Beyond just a simple stat block, models can possess skills and other unique attributes such as mutations.  Skills represent unique talents gained through experience or learning and are divided into categories such as Smarts, Survival, etc.  Mutations are strange physical and mental abilities that give mutants an edge on the battlefield, but also cause their outcast status.  Mutations are divided into hidden and physical.  Hidden are just that and need not be modeled on the actual miniature, while physical tend to be slightly more powerful but must be represented on the model.  Below are samples of each, taken directly from the TNT rulebook.


Art-Emberquake-500x352Bully – This model likes to make its enemies eat dirt. All enemies defeated by this model in close combat are knocked prone in addition to any other combat result.

Field-Strip – This model can take apart and rebuild its weapon blindfolded, and fixing a jam is a cakewalk. When using the unjam action, this model may remove two Jammed tokens instead of the normal one.

Flurry of Blows – This model prefers to make numerous attacks each round, hopefully catching its enemies off balance. On any turn this model makes a melee attack, it gains an additional free AP that may only be used to make another melee attack.  This second attack suffers -1 Melee stat penalty.

Hard As Nails – This model knows how to take a hit, either a stoic refusal to show weakness or a fervent belief in its own skills. After being hit by any attack, but before the roll to wound, this model may roll a D10. Reduce the Strength of the attack by the result of the die roll. If this would make the attack’s Strength 0 or lower, the attack is negated entirely. This special ability may only be used once per game.

Reconnoiter – When in the field, this model prefers to be at the forefront looking for ambushes and other dangers. At the start of the game, after all models have deployed, but before Initiative is determined, this model may make a free move action.   

Scavenger – This model is a master scrounger and always comes with extra supplies. When taking any weapon with the Limited Ammo special rule, this model may roll 2D6 when determining ammo quantity and take the highest result.


Rotator2-AmbushArmored Spikes – This mutant has large spikes that jut out from various parts of its body. Any model that makes a melee attack against this model must pass an Agility test or suffer a Strength 6 hit.  Models armed with a Reach weapon ignore this ability.

Caustic Blood – This model seems normal, buts its blood is dangerously acidic when exposed to air.  Whenever this model is wounded or taken out of action, all models within 2 inches suffer a Strength 7 hit.

Crushing Claws – This mutant has large claws instead of hands, such as a crab or lobster. This model cannot wield any firearms, shields, or melee weapons. However, the model receives a +3 bonus to Strength.

Demoralize – The psyker can implant thoughts of failure into its victim’s minds, weakening their resolve. Treat this as a 24-inch ranged attack. If successful, the target model and all enemy models within 2 inches must immediately pass a Morale test.

Poisonous Belch – This model can release the noxious gases contained within its digestive system in a particularly violent and disgusting fashion. Treat this mutation as a 12-inch ranged attack that is Strength 6 and has the Gas, Poison and Small Blast rules.

Two-Headed – This mutant has two heads and two different personalities that are sometimes in conflict, but quick to react when in agreement. The model gains the Smart skill and may take an Intelligence test in lieu of an activation test for the purposes of activating. However, should the model ever roll a fumble during this test, it cannot take any actions at all. Note that all rules of the normal activation test, such as turnovers, still apply.