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This Is Not a Test Bottle Caps


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Product Description

Bottle caps are a staple of the wasteland economy and we thought they would make a great aid to enhance your games of This Is Not a Test. Our caps are a fun and thematic way to mark a model’s status, such as if they have been activated or hit by enemy fire. They are also cool just to collect and display.

Featuring the classic This Is Not a Test logo on top, our bottle caps are available in black, silver, gold, white, red and green and come in packs of 10. While game aids, our bottle caps are also fully functional and can be used to seal actual bottles with the right equipment.

Key Features:

Full color This Is Not a Test logo
Choice of black, silver, gold, white, red and green
Pack of 10
Functional bottle caps

The bottle caps have rubber seals underneath. Seals may be removed by boiling the caps. Note due to our manufacturer’s standards, we cannot offer these caps without seals. Caps have sharp edges and are not toys.

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Black, Silver, Gold, Green, Red, White


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