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Mutant Cannibals– The True Nuclear Family

A Free Halloween-themed Warband from Worlds End Publishing.

Just in time for Halloween, we are proud to present an entirely free and playable warband for This Is Not a Test (TNT). Based on such movies as the Devil’s Rejects, The Hills Have Eyes, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, among many others, the Mutant Cannibal warband is a dark and twisted take on wasteland mutants. Though TNT is still waiting to be released, this free download gives insight into the core of the TNT warbands and their design. Enjoy.

Download Mutant Cannibals


This is Not a Test – Homebrew

TNT Homebrew logo

Following Osprey’s and Frostgrave’s lead, and with Joe’s permission of course, World’s End Publishing has created a special branding logo for fan-created material for This Is Not a Test. Homebrew supplements are the sign of a healthy and growing community and I really want to encourage that. So I have asked Dave Taylor to create a special logo that you can add to your homebrew warbands, scenarios, campaign rules, and whatever zany wasteland fun folks can think of. For now you can just save this image, and we will throw up a download page in a bit. Please spread this fare and wide, but we humbly request you attribute it back to us and not to make changes to the graphic itself. Also, this logo is not to be used on any commercial products. As always, any fan material that is particularly good may be picked for official treatment! Thanks everyone.


Download Instructions

Internet Explorer for Windows
Right-click on the desired image link and click “Save Target As”. Choose the appropriate folder and click “Save.”
Firefox for Windows
Right-click on the desired image link and click “Save Link As”. Choose the appropriate folder and click “Save.”
Safari for Mac
Press and hold “Control” key and click on the desired image link. Click “Download Linked File.”

5 comments to Downloads and Media

  • tommy parker  says:

    thx,sounds interesting!

  • Joey  says:

    Hey everybody- a new version with a minor edit has been uploaded. If you downloaded the file already, you may need to click ‘F5’ to refresh the pdf (command-R in Mac). Or right click on the pdf and click ‘Reload’.

  • nasa911  says:

    Great work! Good read and a fun addition! Thank you!

    • Joey  says:


  • Grant  says:

    I liked the PDF so much I bought the official. Thank you.

    A question: Under Critters, the player can take a Trog, who comes equipped with either a Light or Heavy Weapon. Can the player replace the Trog’s weapon? If the weapon is replaced, shall we say, with an Improvised Weapon, would the value of the Trog go down (with regards to the Warband value)? (I.E. The Trog ends up trading a Heavy Weapon for an Improvised Heavy Weapon.)

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