Dispatch #3 – Status Update


Dispatch #3 – Status of the Wastes

Part of the fun of bringing a product to life is people’s excitement in it. There is nothing more rewarding to a creator than enthusiasm for their product. Still that enthusiasm must be tempered with reality. So this dispatch is to answer the question of when the rulebook and miniatures will be officially released.

First, the rulebook. We have hit a small snag while the book has been in layout. I had hoped for an earlier release, by February actually, but that was simply not to be. Laying out a book that is close to 200 pages is no small feat and I would rather have it done right then have it wrong right away.   The book is in extremely competent hands and the sampling I have seen rivals any of the books put out by the bigger guys. Simply put, the book will be stunning.   Our current estimate, barring any unforeseen circumstances, is for layout to be completed by the end of March or thereabouts. After that the book will go into final formatting. At this stage we will finalize all graphic elements, hammer out any final quirks and convert the book to PDF. This all should take less than two weeks. Once complete the book will be released on Wargames Vault and worldsendpublishing.com for all to enjoy. We will also have a small run of physical books for those that want them. My goal is to have the PDF out no later than April 30 and the physical book soon after.

The miniatures. On this front, there have also been challenges. Unfortunately, and not just from a business standpoint, my main caster has become increasingly incapacitated by illness. This is unfortunate as he is also a good friend who also runs his own business. We are currently prepping our initial inventory for launch, but it is significantly less than we would like as a result. Honestly, I imagine that with the entire buzz the miniatures have been getting, we will run through our inventory pretty quick. After this there will be a delay in getting new stock, but hopefully it will not be long. My hope is that the worldsendpublishing.com store will go live by the end of March at the latest, and probably earlier. Further, several very talented sculptors are working on even more post-apocalyptic goodness.

So there you have it. I do not like to keep folks guessing and I value open communication as much as possible. As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to email, message us on Facebook, or contact us via our website. Thank you.

There are no easy roads in the wasteland.

There are no easy roads in the wasteland.

6 comments to Dispatch #3 – Status Update

  • Jackson  says:

    I’m really looking forward to your games release and I probably will clear your stock by myself

    • Joey  says:

      That’s awesome. The book is slated for an April release. Right now it is in layout and then after that a few tweaks for PDF capability. Look at the work already being done, it is going to be simply gorgeous.

    • Joey  says:

      I hope you in fact do. The more I sell the more post-apocalyptic goodness I bring to the table.

  • Guerre  says:

    When are the physical books coming?

    • Joey  says:

      We are working diligently to get the physical books ready, but have hit several snags along the way. Since I do not want to make a promise I cannot keep, I cannot say when they will be available. But we are working hard to make it happen. We appreciate your patience.

      • Guerre  says:

        Thanks for the reply Joey. Most gracious of you.
        I shall wait as long as it takes for the physical rulebook, I have signed up for your newsletter and presume that it will inform me of when it is availabe. Meanwhile I shall occupy myself with sculpting warbands.

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